My name is Rebecca Lauren.

I am a singer/songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. God has recently given me the incredible opportunity of working with other talented artists, in order to make my original songs available to the world. My latest release, "Prodigal EP", is now available on all streaming platforms, and I look forward to what God calls me to in this next season.

I used to think Christian music was nothing more than a replacement for secular music as you drive your car or go about daily tasks. I loved music, but I had no idea how powerful music can be. As God matured my heart and showed me His character through music and worship, I realized good Christian music should draw you to an intimate place with Jesus. For me, songwriting is a way for me to process things with Jesus and be reminded of His character--and I want you to join me on this journey. Together we can face the mountains and valleys of life with Jesus at the center of it all.

I'll be honest, the future of this ministry is still uncertain. I'm seeking Jesus for wisdom as I take small steps forward in growing what God has given. I would appreciate your prayers with me as my music continues to spread. And keep listening! I truly pray that God uses these songs in your own life. I pray you feel seen and known by Jesus through the raw vulnerablity of each song. He loves you so much, and I am so grateful my ministry can have a part in Him speaking to you.

-Rebecca Lauren

For booking information, please contact me via email!